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Boogiezone 4 Beginners - All Ages


Boogiezone Utopia
1951 W Carson St 90501 Torrance United States


Have you always wanted to get yourself or your young one into a Hip Hop class but felt unsure about how to do it? Do you wish you could step into a dance class without any fear or hesitation or do you have an energetic child that just can’t keep still? In just 5 or 10 short weeks, you or your kid can gain a better understanding of how the body moves, and learn not only how to dance, but gain confidence and knowledge. Oh yes! And it’s fun and a great way to make new friends! Build character, charisma and confidence in the process! This fun, engaging program is now designed for students of all ages and is offered in two levels (for Youth/Teen/Adult). Look! BZB Session 10 is here!


Introducing Boogiezone 4 Beginners “Step 2!”

By request, we have decided to add a brand new opportunity for those students who have a bit more Hip Hop experience, who have completed a BZ4B Step 1 course before, or for those students just looking for a more moderate pace of learning! Looking for progression? Well here you have it! Introducing Boogiezone 4 Beginners Step 2! (See Youth and Teen/Adult).


1. Learn how to be an active Student while taking class. What instruction to listen for, look for, and how to digest the choreography given to you.
2. Learn body awareness, through simple groove exercises.
3. How to look more natural while dancing.
4. Begin to understand how to count music and what to listen for while you dance.
5. Get the basics down, and build from there, until you are actually getting sequences of steps down! This class will go at a smooth, comfy pace. Our mantra “No one left behind!”
6. Learn how to dance in relation to space and others. Where you stand effects your perspective and therefore your learning ability.
7. Take it across the floor! Learn how to put your dance in motion with this fun high energy exercise.
8. How to understand a combination, and the best way to approach a sequence of steps
9. How to feel and act the part so that you can perform with confidence!
10. Experience this amazing program in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. We become a dance family!

…and much much more!

At the 5th week and 10th week, there will also be an opportunity for you and/your child to perform what they learned! Yes! The ultimate dancers experience, the thing we live for - the chance to perform and SHARE with your friends and family at their very own awards and reception day!

Starting on September 17, 2016 we are excited to announce that we are adding a "Step 2" class (for those who have a bit more experience or have completed Step 1). This course builds on the fundamentals taught in BZ4B Step 1 and pushes you harder. More attention will be placed on personal critique, cleanliness, lines, dynamics, spatial awareness and performance technique. That’s right! “Step 2” is an new 10 week course that is offered to our Youth, Teen, and Adult Audiences!



(A) Baby and Me [3-5]
(B) Juniors [6-11]

10 WEEK COURSES (2 Levels to Choose From)

(C) Youth [12-16] (Step 1 and Step 2)
(D) Teen/Adult [17 – Up] (Step 1 and Step 2)

NOTE: We only need 5 interested students to open up a course. If you would like more information about how to take part in Boogiezone 4 Beginners, please let us know.


Baby and Me: Keep your young one company as they learn about music, dance, and how to use their imagination. You will play dance games, and help to get their creative juices flowing in a fun an interactive way! We understand about short attention spans so for the time being this course is being offered as a 5-week program and your commitment each Saturday is only 45 minutes. The cost of BZB 4 Babies is $75.
Note: You must accompany your child for this class. Children are not to be left unattended.

Juniors: BZ4B for Juniors is tons fun! Your young junior will learn about music, rhythm, and spatial awareness in a structured but free dance environment. By utilizing dance exercises and games that strengthen muscle memory, encourage creativity, your child will keep active and energized and interested the entire time. In addition to the 1.5 hours on Saturday your Junior will also get 1 hour of training in the middle of the week (See Studio Schedule).

Youth "Step 1" and “Step 2”: This dedicated course will be geared towards the inexperienced to little experienced beginner. Although the classes will be split based on age, all students will get (1.5) one and a half hours of structured time learning very similar Boogiezone 4 Beginners concepts and curriculum. The main difference only is approach and music and movement selection that is age appropriate. In addition to the (15) fifteen hours of seminar time each Saturday, each student will get to take one other traditional class of their choice during the middle of the week.

Teen | Adult “Step 1” and “Step 2”: This dedicated course will be geared towards the inexperienced to little experienced beginner. For the more mature teens and adults who are looking for a slow/moderate pace of learning. All students will get (1.5) one and a half hours of structured time learning Boogiezone 4 Beginners concepts and curriculum. In addition to the (15) hours of seminar time each Saturday, each student will get to take one other traditional class of their choice during the middle of the week.


Boogiezone For Beginners - "START HERE WITH HIP HOP"


Boogiezone Utopia - Laboratory for the Creative Arts
1951 West Carson Street| Torrance, CA 90501


The Courses begin on September 17, 2016
Seminar Class is held every Saturday. Times vary per age group.

Baby and Me (3-5): 12:30pm to 1:15pm [45 MIN]
Juniors (6-11): 10:30am to 12:00pm [1.5 HRS]
Youth (12-16) Step 1: 1:30pm to 3:00pm [1.5 HRS]
Youth (12-16) Step 2: 3:30pm to 5:00pm [1.5 HRS]
Teen/Adult Step 1 (17-Up): 1:30pm to 3:00pm [1.5 HRS]
Teen/Adult Step 2 (17-Up): 3:30pm to 5:00pm [1.5 HRS]


BZ4B Session 10 Proposed Schedule (Subject To Change):
Note: Boogiezone 4 Kids Courses (Baby + Me and Juniors) are only 5 Weeks Long

Week 1 – September 17 – All Classes Begin!
Week 2 – September 24
Week 3 – October 1
Week 4 – October 8
Week 5 – October 15 [Mini Reception for Baby + Me and Juniors Session 10a]
Week 5 – October 22 – Baby and Me and Juniors Session 10b Course Begins
Week 7 – October 29
Week 8 – November 5
Week 9 – November 12
Week 10 – November 19 – All Ages and Steps, Reception and Showcase

The Next BZ4B SESSION 11 Starts: December 3, 2016!


People with little or no experience who just want to learn how to get down with their bad selves for whatever reason. Want to go pro, want to be on a dance team, want something fun and recreational to do? Do you need a fun activity to introduce to your child that will get them active and teach them confidence and team building skills?

Now open to ALL AGES and offered in two (2) Levels or Steps!

If you have little to no Hip Hop experience, and/or want to brush up on some basics, or need some foundation for class taking in your life, this program is also great for you!


Because dance is a great escape, and everyone should be free to experience it and share it because they enjoy and love it! Dance is a great way to express yourself!


What you will get:

1. 45 Minutes to 1.5 Hours of dedicated seminar learning and dancing on a Saturday with a qualified, experienced professional instructor.
2. An additional 1 hour of class during the week by a beginning instructor of your choice! Will easily fit into your busy schedule! As we have tons of classes to choose from.
[Note: Babies Program Excluded]

Baby and Me (3-5): 45 MIN for $75 (5 Weeks – 3.75 Hours of Instruction)
Juniors (6-11): 1.5 HRS for $125 (5 Weeks – 17.5 Hours of Instruction)
Youth Step 1(12-16): 1.5 HRS for $250 (10 Weeks – 25.0 Hours of Instruction)
Youth Step 2(12-16): 1.5 HRS for $250 (10 Weeks – 25.0 Hours of Instruction)
Teen/Adult Step 1 (17-Up): 1.5 HRS for $250 (10 Weeks – 25 Hours of Instruction)
Teen/Adult Step 2 (17-Up): 1.5 HRS for $250 (10 Weeks – 25 Hours of Instruction)


Simply come into Boogiezone Utopia during operating hours and register at the front desk in person. Both 5 and 10 Week course sessions start on September 17, 2016.
Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class.


Interested? For more information follow @boogiezone and @bzutopia on Instragram
Email elmboogie@boogiezoneutopia.com or call 949-742-3567 for questions.