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Discover the magic of Pranayama Breathwork


Sage Goddess Headquarters
3830 Del Amo Blvd, Ste 101 90503 Torrance United States
Are you curious about the practice of Pranayama breathing? Do you want to deepen your healing and amplify your own energetic and spiritual practices? If so, then I invite you to join us on August 12th from 6 - 9pm, here at the SGHQ in Torrance, for a sacred Breathwork Class. During this 3-hour session, we will dive into the sacred practice of Pranayama Breath guided by expert and teacher, Jesse Gros. Jesse is an accredited Life Coach, author, and spiritual healer. He has been teaching Pranayama Breathwork for several years, and he holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

Get your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/discover-the-magic-of-pranayama-breathing-tickets-26709482782

The magic of Pranayama Breathwork

Pranayamic Breathing is a simple and powerful practice. It shifts your energy and clears blockages held in your body’s cellular memory. Breathwork Healing offers you a nurturing experience, an opportunity to relax, restore and replenish. This practice is powerful, simple, and can be life-changing.

Prana, or Chi, is our Life Force Energy, and the flow of prana through the body is directly linked to the flow of our breath. So, while you may often hear prana and breath being used interchangeably, they are not one and the same. Pranayamic breathwork is practiced to stimulate and deepen the flow of the Life Force.

Everything manifests on the energetic plane, including our illnesses, aches, pains, and blockages. When the energetic blocks are not dissolved, we begin feeling the effects of the mental and physical manifestations of these issues. In practicing Pranayama Breathwork, you can dissolve and heal these energetic blocks where they begin, resulting in overall healing across every plane.

When our Life Force is flowing properly, we feel better, we look better, we have more energy, we heal quickly, we are able to be present for others, and we get more accomplished in reaching our goals. No matter what you do in life, breathwork can be your ally, bringing peace, serenity, and freedom from the distractions of the mind. It’s truly a life changing practice, and we hope to see you there!

The cost of this class is $35, and I invite you to arrive early to have a look around the shop, and enjoy the Magical Meet Up with other attendees. Space is limited, please RSVP here so you don’t miss out.

Many Blessings,