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Sage Goddess Full Moon Ritual for the Goddess Ma'at (In Person)


Sage Goddess Headquarters
3830 Del Amo Blvd, Ste 101 90503 Torrance United States
NOTE: This is the RSVP page for the In-Person Full Moon Ritual. If you want to join us for the Online event, please RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/910878569034950/

Come experience the magic at Sage Goddess! You're invited to join us before the ritual for our Magic Meetup. We'll be offering personal shopping and seasonal snacks!

4:30-6:00 Magic Meetup
6:00-7:00 Ritual

In September we honor the goddess Ma’at – the ancient Egyptian goddess of Highest Truth, justice, balance, and moral judgment – at September’s full moon. Ma’at’s model of fairness is the very foundation that came to shape ancient Egyptian law and society. In fact, it is said that when souls passed from this world, Ma’at would weigh their heart on her scales, against the weight of her sacred ostrich feather. And only if the soul was light enough would it be granted access to paradise in the afterlife. It was also believed that her balance maintained the momentum of the stars and planets, the changing seasons, and the balance between worlds. Her power represents order among all that would otherwise be chaos.

How we honor the goddess Ma’at

These tools honor Ma’at’s divine justice and judgment. We invoke her goddess presence to help us find and live our Highest Truths and our Highest Consciousness. Especially now, as the wheel turns closer to fall and shadow work becomes apparent, we can benefit greatly from incorporating Ma’at into our lives. My Ma’at kit first contains a rolled beeswax candle in sheets of blue and gray. Each candle contains tiger’s eye chip stones, and is anointed with Ma’at perfume. It comes adorned with original SG artwork, and a blessing you can read to honor the goddess.

Then you will receive a bottle of my brand new Ma’at perfume, not available outside of this set. This is a delicious blend that truly captures the essence of Ma’at, with notes of honeysuckle, anise, and oak moss. Each bottle comes infused with a red jasper chip stone.

You will also receive a tin containing specific herbs chosen to align with Ma’at’s energy: anise, honeysuckle, and white oak bark. If you want to know why these herbs were chosen to honor the goddess Ma’at, join the Magical Sabbatical online class! We dedicate an hour each month to the herbs, stones, and oils of the goddess for that month and together, deepen our knowledge about gemstones and herbal medicine. You can register here: www.sagegoddess.com/register

Ma’at’s stones are tumbled red jasper and zebra jasper. Red jasper is a Native healing stone of regeneration, which brings renewed strength and courage. It works with your physical body to ground and connect you with the Earth, creating both stability and emotional cadence in your life. Zebra jasper is the stone of releasing and honoring your inner wild woman. It helps you to discern your authentic self and confidently step into your fullness for all to see.

With this set, I am also including a third stone as an extra free gift – a piece of tiger’s eye to connect with the wisdom and justice of Ma’at, which will be full moon charged during our August Full Moon ritual!

May you be called by Ma’at to live in truth and light.

So it is,

You can find this ritual kit in my online shop while supplies last: bit.ly/SeptFullMoonKit, or subscribe to get my monthly ritual set here:http://bit.ly/FullMoonSubscription. I make special ritual tools just for these events and they always sell out before the event, so if you’d like to receive one please order soon. The ritual set is made by hand with care specifically to support this work. Ritual tools create a vortex of energy to raise vibrations around your intention and purpose.

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