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Sage Goddess Full Moon Ritual for the Goddess Asherah (Online)


Sage Goddess
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NOTE: This is the RSVP page for the Online Event! If you live in Los Angeles and would like to attend the event with us at SGHQ in person, please RSVP on our SG Headquarters FB Event Page here: http://bit.ly/SGFullMoonRitualInPerson

June is when we celebrate the lengthening of days, and the summer solstice. Asherah is the great goddess of the Middle-East, the Queen of Heaven and wife of God, and was effectively written out of the Bible, even though she was mentioned repeatedly throughout the Old Testament as Yaweh’s main consort. We honor her at June’s full moon. She is a Divine Mother Goddess, and is connected through her evolution and existence to other goddesses of this region of the world, such as Ishtar and Astarte. Her symbol is the Tree of Life, and she is very connected to trees. Her worshipers used to carve her likeness into wooden poles and place them in the ground to honor her. She came to be heavily associated with Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Tree of Life, as well as the ancient Jewish mysticism surrounding it. She was a loving goddess who was honored at the time of year when seeds were planted, embodying the fertility needed to tend to our fruits of intention. She was also revered for her great wisdom and knowledge of all things, past present, and future. Ancient Hebrew women prayed to her for all matters on which they needed guidance and support.

These tools exalt Asherah’s Divine Feminine strength and compassion. You will first receive in this set a rolled candle made of white and lavender sheets of beeswax. This candle comes anointed with my Asherah perfume and a blessing you can read to honor the goddess.

Then you will receive a bottle of my brand new Asherah perfume, not available outside of this set. This is a lovely blend of tuberose, sandalwood, and ylang ylang, which comes bottled with an amethyst chip stone for the energies of balance, peace, and spiritual attunement.

You will also receive a tin containing several herbs chosen to align with Asherah’s energy: pine, Gotu Kola, and blue lotus. If you want to know why these herbs were chosen to honor Asherah’s magic, join the Magical Sabbatical online class! We dedicate an hour each month to the herbs, stones, and oils of the goddess for that month and together, deepen our knowledge about gemstones and herbal medicine. You can register here: www.sagegoddess.com/register

Asherah’s stones are aura amethyst and lodelite. Aura amethyst is amethyst treated with titanium and gold, so it carries the energies of amethyst as well as those metals. Amethyst is used to harness and direct energy for will power, self-esteem, and peace. Aura amethyst clears and cleanses the aura, draws in the ascended masters, and opens the Crown Chakra. Lodelite is also known as Garden Quartz or Shaman’s Dream Stone and is pure MAGIC. Within it, history and time are captured. Healers call this the World Within stone. Use lodelite in meditation to connect with spirit guides and experience heightened states of consciousness, to help you recall dreams, and during shamanic journey to intensify your experience, It will bring you peace and connection.

May Asherah bless you with her Divine love and wisdom,

You can find this ritual kit in my online shop while supplies last: http://bit.ly/JuneFullMoonKit, or subscribe to get my monthly ritual set here:http://bit.ly/FullMoonSubscription. I make special ritual tools just for these events and they always sell out before the event, so if you’d like to receive one please order soon. The ritual set is made by hand with care specifically to support this work. Ritual tools create a vortex of energy to raise vibrations around your intention and purpose.