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BZX Wave 10 - 3 Week Dance Intensive in Los Angeles


Boogiezone Utopia
1951 W Carson St 90501 Torrance United States
REGISTRATIONS FOR BZX Wave 10 "Dream Escape"is now OPEN! Please relay ALL INQUIRIES to our E-MAIL elmboogie@boogiezone.com

BZX = Boogiezone Exchange
International Summer Exchange Dance Program

This summer, there is only ONE Wave! And it will be one of the most intense yet.

Aug 4 to Aug 25 – Wave 10 Summer Session


Something beautiful is going to happen to our global dance community. The bridge we have all been waiting for all these years has finally been created with Boogiezone Utopia - Torrance! Take advantage of this super unique, dance experience that is bound to change your community outlook, industry perspective, and alter your dance journey forever. Well then, what is it? It’s hard to express in mere words. Simply catch the vision, get yourself here and let reality take your dance being over! Come and be a part of an amazing personal discovery. An exchange of life, culture, art, creativity, and dreams. Become a part of global dance history, the first ever bzx – the Epitome of Summer dance intensives 2015!


Elm Pizarro
Chief Brainchild
Creator of Boogiezone and BZX

What is BZX?

Are you the next “X?” BZX - Boogiezone Exchange, or BZX, is a 3-week long international exchange dance program focused on bringing passionate dancers together from all over the globe direct to the hub of the Boogiezone Dance Community - Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts located in Southern California, USA!

Dancers who are selected to participate in BZX will take part in creating a once in a lifetime dance experience by exchanging culture, art, ideas, and their love and passion for dance. Get the TOTAL Southern California dance community experience by living and training daily at Boogiezone Utopia!

In addition to all of the classes the Boogiezone will offer, you will get the chance to take classes at some of Los Angeles’ most esteemed studios, attend local Southern California events and gatherings, meet and get one-on-one mentoring by dance community/industry role models, rehearse and prepare for a group and solo video project, learn how to market yourself as a professional dancer, tour theme parks and shopping hotspots, and best of all, make a bunch of friends and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Since 2003 – Boogiezone has been the global dance community leader. Our mission is to bridge dancers from all over the world together through their common passion and love for dance and creativity. Now, with BZX the concept of dancing abroad has heightened to the next level. Are you ready for BZX – Boogiezone Xchange?

The BZX Program Includes:


All participants will be fully accommodated and housed at Boogiezone Utopia’s residential quarters. Each dancer will be guaranteed a comfortable twin bed equipped with all the necessities. Our bunk room is co-ed and with a maximum of 13 other people. You will also have access to free internet Wifi, a kitchen with microwave and refrigerator, locker room with showers. Your stay at Boogiezone Utopia will top that of any hostel or low budget hotel any day. Now you can roll out of bed and into class. Literally!

Dance Education:

1. Daily Classes: Your tuition includes full access to the entire Boogiezone Utopia regular class program. With over 30 plus instructors, you can learn styles in tap, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, funk styles and more. The curriculum is rather flexible, we recommend you take at least 3 classes a day but won’t require it. You can structure your class taking according to your own personal preference! Faculty instructors include, Elm Pizarro, Victor Gonzales, Hans Pierre, Siri Tveter, Kiri Williams, and more. Boogiezone Utopia hours of operation are Mon–Thurs - 5:00pm to 9:30pm and Sat & Sun – 9am to 3pm.

2. Master Classes: You will get to train with a minimum of 4 Master instructors or different guest teachers who are NOT regular faculty at Boogiezone Utopia but are popular within the Boogiezone Dance Community. This community/industry choreographer will come in and teach the BZX group exclusively for 2 hours. One each night on Monday – Thursday nights. Master Teachers could include amazing teachers like: Ivan Koumaev, Jojo Diggs, Ellen Kim, Tricia Miranda, David Moore, Bryan Tanaka, Wildabeast Adams, Nico O'Connor, Teresa Espinosa, Andye J, Isaac Tee, Mr. Lucky, Gigi Torres, and more!

3. Workshop: BZX participants will get the chance to experience a southern California dance style workshop, and will get to take class with the local dance community. You will get to take from an additional 3 Master teachers on this special day.

4. Friday in L.A.: Friday is dedicated to taking classes at one or more of the established Los Angeles Dance Studios. Choose from Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynold’s, The Edge, Movement Lifestyle, and IDA are possible options. Please note that the cost of these classes is not included in your tuition, however we will be providing discounts and scholarships to varying degrees!

5. Seminar: On Sundays, we will be hosting 3 different educational, and inspiring dance seminars that will not only help shed light on the history of dance and the roots of our dance community, but will also help to motivate, inspire, and ignite your dance career. These informative classes will give you the mental tools you will need to further your dance journey!

Possible Topics include:

RootsB4Branches: A talk moderated by Kaba Modern’s founder and President of Culture Shock’s Arnel Calvario who will speak about Hip Hop, its’ roots, the culture, and the nature of our ever evolving dance community.

Where are Ideas Born? A creativity and dream realization workshop conducted by owner and creator of Boogiezone Elm Pizarro. This seminar focuses on creativity, what inspires it, what blocks it, and how can we harness power from it. You will also explore where ideas come from, discover and define what your dreams are, and then learn how to apply the steps to making them a reality!

Become the Next - THE MOCK AUDITION: What does it take to make it as a professional Dancer in Hollywood? Take part in a very realistic audition as it may occur in Los Angeles. Learn a quick combination from an Industry Choreographer and then audition it in front of a panel of celebrity judges. Afterwards, the judges will share their personal experience and insight with you. By the end of this audition process you will know exactly what it takes to make it in the Industry.

Dance Projects:

The Group Video Project: Ever wanted to be a part of a dance video project, something that can be admired by the Boogiezone Community global Network and shared with through social media? We will invite a popular professional Los Angeles film director and editor who will take us on location and shoot the group in their very own dance concept video.

Watch Previous Video Projects:

Wave 1 - The Experiment

Wave 2 - The Experiment

Wave 3 - The Experiment "LIVE"

The Solo Video: We will create especially for you, a 1.5 minute solo video of to include in your dancer portfolio.

Rehearsals: Each student will get to experience what it is like to put together a dance number from beginning to end! You will work directly with a few of the master teachers who previously came in to teach you. The dance number will then be blocked and cleaned. All in all, you will rehearse approximately 36hrs to prepare for the group video project and debut performance!

The Photo Shoot: Every dancer needs a good headshot to market them selves. Tuition includes a special photo session, and access to all the photos taken for future use – a business card, a personal website, etc.

The Performance: We will provide the opportunity for you to perform in front of a live audience! What better way to demonstrate your newly acquired skills and exhibit the three weeks of accumulated hard work and training you gathered while at BZX!

What does a typical BZX Wave Agenda Look Like?
Sample Wave Agenda
Note: This is a generic schedule of a typical Wave. You will receive the actual schedule when you arrive at BZ Utopia when your Wave begins!


Thursday August 4: Arrive In USA
Friday August 5: Beach Day Orientation + Night on the Town!
Saturday August 6: Morning Classes + Orange County Fair + Get to Know Party
Sunday August 7: DNA Rehearsal, Seminar #1 “Roots Before Branches" + Choreography Island


Monday August 8: Photoshoots + Daily Classes and Master Guest Instructor #1
Tuesday August 9: Daily Classes and Master Training + Experience Rehearsals #1
Wednesday August 10: Daily Classes and Master Guest Instructor #2
Thursday August 11: Daily Classes and Master Training + Experience Rehearsals #2
Friday August 12: Los Angeles Dance Studio Tour – IDA, Millennium, Debbie’s, Movement Lifestyle
Saturday August 13: Morning Classes. Shopping Day! Santee Alley, The Grove, Colorado Blvd.
Sunday August 14: Dance Workshop, Seminar #2 "Where are Ideas Born?" + Experience Rehearsals #3


Monday August 15: Solo Video Shoot + Daily Classes + Homeland + Master Guest Instructor #3
Tuesday August 16: Daily Classes and Master Training + Experience Rehearsals #4
Wednesday August 17: Daily Classes and Master Guest Instructor #4
Thursday August 18: Daily Classes and Experience Rehearsals #5
Friday August 19: Solo Video Shoots Continued and Experience Rehearsals #6
Saturday August 20: Tourism Day – Major Theme Park
Sunday August 21: Seminar #3 "Become the Next" - Mock Audition with Industry Pros


Monday August 22: Group Video Shoot
Tuesday August 23: Awards Banquet + Carnival in Los Angeles
Wednesday August 24: BZX Showcase Performance + After party
Thursday August 25: Pack up and depart BZX.

The Cost of BZX:

Compare this experience to other recognizable exchange programs and intensives. Hands down, for what you receive and for what is provided, BZX is an amazing deal!

NOTE: Once your admission application is received we will review it. Should you be selected we will then issue you a request for payment via Paypal.

$1500 USD for both nternational domestic students and with $500 Non-Refundable Deposit.


The cost of BZX does not include airfare from your country to the USA, food and snacks, shopping, entry into classes or workshops in Los Angeles, or any tourist spots. Ground transportation provided to and from airport and for structured BZX sightings only.


Send Headshot, a 1 minute video of you explaining why you want to be a part of BZX, also include any links to videos of you dancing {stage performances, class videos, freesytle} to:


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