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From Science to Sci-Fi: Why 3D Printing is the Next Big Game-Changer


Charles H. Wilson Park
2200 Crenshaw Boulevard 90501 Torrance United States
Presented by Pete Freeland
Pete graduated with a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from USC and followed a military career in the United State’s Air Force, flying various forms of aircraft, including B-52 bombers.
After leaving the military he worked as an engineer for various aerospace companies in the US and Europe. Despite his involvement with these high-profile companies, Freeland rekindled his passion for drama when on a business trip a friend introduced him to professional acting. Upon his return to Los Angeles, Pete began to pursue a film and television career wholeheartedly, quickly gaining initial success. He was able to get cast in national commercials, feature films, TV Show pilots, and co-star and guest star roles. Freeland continues to work on a variety of acting projects, and has also recently achieved some success as a co-writer and producer.

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